Fryer Tuck is the most innovative deep fat fryer and soaking solution cleaning system available in today’s institutional food service industry. After several years of research, our team of chemists and marketing professionals developed what we believe is the only way to safely and effectively clean your fryers and/or hood filters. Ask your Fryer Tuck Field Specialist to demonstrate the cost saving cleaning method on site at your location.

What makes Fryer Tuck so different than most boil outs or your current supplier’s products?

  1. Fryer Tuck is a safer product to use. It’s a non-corrosive formula. Most all competitors’ products are corrosive or hot products. Fryer Tuck works most effectively at a slow rolling boil of 190-210 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of the lower cleaning temperature, Fryer Tuck will reduce accidental burns to operator and their employees. Also, it saves energy costs.
  2. Super concentrated formula – as little as 1 scoop to an average 35 lbs fryer tank is all it takes to muscle out all grease. We recommend the operator use Fryer Tuck between every shortening change. Fryer Tuck is safe on aluminum. In addition, Fryer Tuck is an excellent soaking solution for all your hard to remove grease build up throughout the kitchen, especially greasy hood filters.
  3. It’s so unique we have a patent pending status. Fryer Tuck has a built-in enzyme cleaning system when used as a soaking solution at recommended temperatures similar to hot tap water or 120-130 degrees. Our enzyme system will emulsify grease when used as a presoak helping to breakdown fatty acids on hood filters, pots, pans, trays, and any greasy surface left to soak for 1-2 hours. When disposed of it will prevent clogged up drains. Fryer Tuck helps promote a cleaner and grease free environment. It also aids your grease trap as a cleaner.

We at Detergent Marketing Systems, Inc., “Home of Fryer Tuck”, are very excited about the new profit opportunities available for our distributors and the cost and energy savings for their end-users. It is our hope that your decision will be in favor of field testing Fryer Tuck at no charge. Allow us the opportunity to meet with you in person to review the entire sales and marketing program offered to your company.

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