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Robin's Hood & Kitchen Degreaser Product Use

Robin's Hood Cleaner and & Kitchen Degreaser is a concentrated, all metal safe product for cleaning, maintenance, and degreasing of hoods, and other washable surfaces. Activated with water, it is safe, non-abrasive, and biodegradeable. At varying dilutions, it will safely and economically remove grease, grime, dirt, and the toughest stains.



Dilution Chart:

Oz. per Gallon of Water
Hoods 4 - 5 in spray bottle
(May be used undiluted in a spray bottle for the toughest jobs.)
Food Areas, Garbage Cans 3
Walls, Painted & Wood 2 - 3
Damp Mopping 2
Floors (General Cleaning) 2 - 3
Floors (Heavy Grease & Soil) 3 - 4

Packed in 4 / 1-gallon containers.